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Excerpt from The House On Sunflower Road

The Hush Hour

   With legs stretched out and a quilt underneath her, Odella sat on the porch, her upper body backed against the house. The hour was deep into the night--two o'clock in the early morning. She remembered Baba calling it the ''hush'' hour. When only a small child, he had taken her out into the late night like this, his soft voice telling her not to be afraid of the night: and on into the yard, letting the moonlight wash over their faces, and explaining it was Heaven''s lantern. It's light would keep her safe, as would the low fog, sometimes in the guise of heavy warmth, or the freshness of a cooling night air, unseen, unheard--but felt. She lifted her head, the sense of Baba so palpable that she expected to see him towering over her, and grinning. Yet...only the late night's orderliness met her eyes: the black entrance gates, locked, the hens, quiet inside the chicken coop, and the dogs, silent within the oversized, wooden dog house.

"Oh, Baba," she said, your hand has been all over this day."

My new book, The Long Night Moon

Her name is Darcie. His name is Wasi.

This is a story of a young girl facing adulthood and also having a secret that will hasten her into adulthood.

She meets Wasi, a Cherokee who embraces his ancestry and tribal way of life with  pride.

They  have to face their failings before they can think about a future together.



A Multicultural Romance

Hartwood Publishers

Available in July 2016

Now in digital format on Amazon July 7th and in print later in July, 2016

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