A noisy party of crows floated to the ground outside the fence of the healing garden. Odella turned to watch.

One bird appeared to be the leader, approaching each of the other three birds, softly cawing. head bobbing, and when his round was finished, they lifted in the air, one right behind the other.

  It jumped into her mind as though a yesterday's happening. She was a young child when Baba spotted her shouting at a bunch of crows and chasing them from the yard. She recalled him kneeling down on the ground with one knee, and the other bent to sit her close to his face. With his look drawing her in, he spoke into her her eyes.

"Let the crows be, my Binti, they've earned our respect. It's been said they are the most intelligent of birds. They mate for life and sometimes that is upward to twenty years. At another's death, they will gather in a nearby tree, silent for a time, then leaving in unison without a sound. They are always watching, reasoning, and remembering. When a danger is learned , they tell each other about it. We'd do well to take a lesson from these birds."

He'd held her with a long look before lifting her from his knee. It came to her now, all the numerous times when spotting another gathering of the birds, she would stop everything and hear, again, Baba's story in her head. Baba, your lessons never leave me.

An excerpt from The House On Sunflower Road


From works of:    Elizabeth Towles

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