Elizabeth Towles

I love to travel. I was in Athens when this photo was taken.

When I travel I look for things that cause me to linger, to things that remain in my mind.

And when I write , my stories quite often take a different path than when I first started the story. I go with the flow of  words my characters are feeding me. They know their story better than I. They also know when to end their story and they guide me there as well. When I wrote the last lines of The House On Sunflower Road I thought it was finished.  However, my editor wanted me to add new text. I sat down at my computer and it wasn't long before Odella's words stepped into my head, and told me what  to write.  AT LAST THE BOOK FELT COMPLETE. 

I hope this story reaches hearts, and reminds us that we all want the same things; Love, Happiness, and to be treated Equally.

Thank you, Elizabeth


Elizabeth Towles is a freelance writer who lives with her husband in North Carolina. Several of her short stories and poems have been published in local area magazines, and in 2003, she won a National Bronze Merit Award for an essay, "Here''s Memories.'" In 2010, she won an Honorable Mention from Writer's Digest's 80th Annual Writing Competition for a short story, "Odella." Elizabeth has a lust for words and is passionate about searching for the oddity that triggers a story.